17 December, 2009

She needs a tailor made uniform - size XS

I've already confirmed to Teacher Nel that I'll be sending Smellybutt to her pre-school next year. So the other day, Teacher Nel took out a sample of the pre-school uniform for Smellybutt to try out. It was size M, no more size S. Ok lah, just try with size M first and see how it goes. While putting on the uniform, Teacher Nel told my mom that it's Ok if it is slightly bigger, can wear longer ma.

Sekali dah pakai uniform tu....waaa....the size M made her look like wearing a jubah!! It is suppose to be a knee length dress. But it turned out to be a maxi dress for Smellybutt. The shoulder part has dropped to her arm level too! Muahahahaaha!! Can wear a few more years with it! See ar, size M already reached her feet. So we don't see any difference with size S then. Teacher Nel called the tailor to discuss about it. In the end, no choice but to tailor made the uniform KHAS for Smellybutt. Very cheap ooo...just pay extra RM2 and Smellybutt will get a nice fitting uniform :) As for the sports wear, the short pants was Ok but the t-shirt's sleeve has to be folded up lah. Else it'll be a 3 quater sleeve t-shirt for her.

According to Teacher Nel, this is the first time her student needs a tailor made uniform. So now you can imagine how small size my lil girl is. In fact, my mom told me that whenever they were all seated on the mat to play toys, they all looked the same size. But the moment they stood up for the assembly, there were times where my mom couldn't see Smellybutt at all!! One more thing is, Smellybutt needs to sit on 3 chairs stacked up together in order for her to be able to write and do other activity on the table comfortably. Hebat isn't it??!!

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Genial dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.


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