15 December, 2009

Yesterday's lesson : About Family

I was chatting with Teacher Nel yesterday afternoon thru MSN, while she was having a lunch break. She told me that yesterday morning, she talked about family subject to the students. To cut it short, she told them that they need to greet their parents and grandparents. Example, good morning to grandfather and grandmother. Guess what? Teacher Nel saw Smellybutt wiping away her tears after she mentioned about grandparents. Aiyooo...poor girl. She must be thinking of Popo and Dun Dun again.

I have to be very careful when talking to her about family and animals, whichever refers to only single counting and not in pair. If she only saw a baby or a dog, without any companion, she will start to cry and keep asking me where is his/her mama even though I've explained to her where about is his/her mama. Example of the sobbing dramas from her :

  • At night before put her to bed, I will wash her hands and legs at the toilet sink first. While washing her hands, she spotted a tiny little lizard at the wall. She would tell me "oooo mama...see, baby lizard wor". Then the lizard will go further up to the wall. Smellybutt asked me "where did baby lizard go?". I said baby lizard has to go home now to look for her mama. It's late already, need to go to bed". And this is when she started to cry while asking me non stop "baby lizard go home find mama. Mama! Baby lizard leh??". This Q&A session would go round and round for at least 6x.

  • Same goes to the the puppy which we saw outside the restaurant last Saturday. That little puppy was sitting outside the restaurant. She asked me "mama, what is puppy doing?". Sigh, I was thinking what to answer her, in order to avoid the same drama again. Then I said "puppy is just playing there". She then continued asking "where is her mama?". Geezz...looks like whatever I say, she will still ask me that soalan cepu mas. I told her that her mama is preparing food for puppy, and will look for puppy after this :P She nodded. BUT after that she asked me repeatedly the same question, with her eyes flooded with tears!! "Where is her mama??"!!!

  • Couple of weeks ago, we were in Ipoh watching a cartoon DVD, "Up". Have you watched it? I like it very much, but unfortunately I couldn't finish watching it because......Smellybutt cried for that movie!! She kept asking me, "Dun Dun leh? Where is that Dun Dun going?". Then...."OUR Dun Dun leh?"!!! OMG, I mau pengsan liao. Asked me about her real Dun Dun and the cartoon Dun Dun. That movie talks about an old man, whose wife has passed away. So the old man is staying alone in the house. The old mad looked sad in that movie. That's all I can tell, for staying less than 15mins in front of the TV.

Finding Nemo and Up, or even Chicken Little, all out! I guess we can only sit together and watch movie with happy scenes from the beginning until the end. Which movie ar?


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