24 December, 2009

I should keep quiet next time

We have planned to bring Smellybutt back to Ipoh on 26th December, because since last week she has been telling us that "we all go Ipoh ar..." . I told her that we shall go back together with baba this Saturday. Next thing I knew was....she kena biten by the hungry and poisonous mosquito. Check out the mini peta dunia on her leg. Big rashes and very the itchyban ooo!! Poor girl. At first I thought those were her allergic reaction....to don't know what :P I had no idea why did the mosquito only attacked her alone. Popo has so much of juicy flesh, and yet she was escaped from the mosquito bite. But for my case, I have nothing but bones covered by a layer of thin skin. Definately NOT a good choice :) Mosquito also got good taste hor.

Actually, this is not the first encounter. We slowly realized that each time we tell her that we are going to this and that place, she will surely either fall sick or get lots of mosquito bites. Pretty sueh, isn't it? But believe it or not, it WILL happen!! The 2 major "sueh" incidents which took place last time:
  • @ 14 month old - our first overseas trip to Guangzhao with her, she had fever for 4days in a row. Fever strikes just 5 days before the traveling day.

  • @ 25 month old - her first trip to Sarawak for Aunty Dory's wedding banquet. She had German measles a week before the traveling day.
Other than the above would be mild fever or the ever famous mosquito bites attack just before we travel to Ipoh. From now onwards, I will not tell her in advance about our travel plans. NEVER. Shall wait and see if the silly sueh "curse" will go away or not.


-thethinker- said...

3 times edi... no more suey

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

Hi -thethinker-! thx for dropping by :)

tat wasn't the 3rd time leh...oredi many many times. haha.

Lovely Mommy... said...

sabar beb hehhehe... myb kebetulan jerk tuh... or kata melayu go mandi bunga la ehehehe...

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

haha Sue, nanti smellybutt and myself go mandi bunga + dahan sekali lah...kot kot power bunga je tak cukup :P


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