17 December, 2009

Jingle wedding bell

This December 2009 is a very "ong" month for couples to tie their knot. My 2 close friend will be getting married too, Elisha on 25th Dec 09 and....Teacher Nel on 18th Dec 09, that is tomorrow!!

I am super excited for them, especially the day when the groom picks up the bride from the bride's house in the morning. For Chinese, there is always a "game" session before the groom gets to see the bride. That is the best part! It's fun and nice to "torture" the groom first. Muahahahaha!!

Tonight my 2 other close friends who just came back from Bangkok and Singapore will meet up Teacher Nel and 3 of us shall ZzzZzz at Teacher Nel's house! We want to have a good chat together as well as to plan for the game. We'll see what is the torturing level that the bride allows. Hehehe. We want it to be a once-in-a-life-time torture, so it has to be a good one!

I'm still thinking whether to tag along Smellybutt for tomorrow night's dinner. I've asked her before whether she wants to have a "yum seng" session with Teacher Nel or not? She said yes. Want to know what is holding back my decision? If I bring her along, I may not be able to stay back after the dinner for a bizarre photo session with the newly wed and my other close friends. I may not be able to talk to my other friends too much, coz each time I talk to other people, Smellybutt will definitely say "mama, faster talk to Qing Qing!!". If I ignore her twice, she'll yell at me instead (to facilitate her deaf mama). She will cry when a stranger talks to her, especially a male stranger. Tomorrow night, there will be at least 1 male sitting on the same table with me, that is my ex-school mate's husband. And I'm so worried that half way through the dinner, she might start looking for Dun Dun or Popo. Bring or no bring? Haiih... See how first lah.

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