07 December, 2009

Day 6 at the pre-school - bitter sweet!

Yesterday night, she had the same crying drama again until 10.30pm. This morning, suddenly she woke up at 5am and started to cry and looked for Dun Dun. Pening kepala liao....

So the moment she saw Dun Dun, she said "Dun Dun, faster put on your glasses!". Haha! Got time to give instruction lagi, while crying. My mom and I could only sit aside and see her wiping away her tears and slowly she rested her head on Dun Dun's shoulder. 15min later, she dozed off. We thought that it was over, so I asked my dad to bring her back to the bedroom. The moment my dad reached the bedroom, she was wide awake again, and started to cry. Ok, off we went to the living hall again. She fell asleep on Dun Dun's shoulder again 15min later. This round, I gently carried her away from my dad, and I sat still on the sofa with her lying on my chest. I dare not move an inch. After a while, I brought her back to the bedroom and I prepare myself to work. By then, it was already 6.20am.

My mom SMS to me that while on the way driving to the pre-school, Smellybutt started to ask for Mama, Ah Yi and Daddy. She told my mom that she wanted Daddy to drive and fetch Mama and Ah Yi from office and then we all go to Cameron to pick strawberry!! She wanted to go to Ipoh to find her grandparents there (my MIL and FIL). Before she got down from the car, her eyes were red and flooded with tears already.

Smellybutt cried throughout the assembly and wanted Popo to carry her. After the singing and dancing, they will all proceed to the classroom. My mom thought that this time mati lah....sure Smellybutt will not let go her hand again. But to her surprise, Smellybutt agreed to be carried by Teacher Nel to go to her classroom! She was still sobbing all the way, but didn't make a protest at all. Wow! That was a clear indication from her that she loves to spend her day at this pre-school.

This morning, I was just thinking again whether I have make a wrong move by sending her to the pre-school and caused her to be so traumatized lately. I felt so bad actually, and I wanted to cry too. But now, I am very sure that my decision was right. Teacher Nel sent the below photo to me and told me that she was very good girl this morning as she didn't ask about us (Popo, Mama, Dun Dun, Daddy) at all. Except that during the computer lesson, Teacher Nel asked the students to walk to the hall, where my mom was there actually, seated at the sofa reading book. Hahaha. Smellybutt saw Popo and she waived at her with smile. She wanted to go to the sofa but when Teacher Nel said all must be seated at the computer area, Smellybutt did as per instruction and she was facing Popo, with some tears rolling on her cheeks. But she was Ok lah, didn't make a fuss at all. She even finished her lunch too. Her appetite has improved a lot .

Best part was, Smellybutt seemed to be testing Teacher Nel's patient. See the below picture ya...after she was done with the worksheet, she torn it and smile at Teacher Nel. I can imagine her beautiful wicked smile

That's all for today, her bitter sweet Day 6 at the pre-school. Bitter in the early morning, and it gets sweeter now :)

Pix courtesy of Teacher Nel


Lovely Mommy... said...

hahahaha very cute la ur kid n very smart too..

debbie said...

its ok.. my damian took about 2 weeks to adjust. In that 2 weeks, he was so quiet and sad.. after that, hmm.. dont even wanna say goodbye to me when i drop him off.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

eh, 2 weeks for Damian to adjust himself in the new environment is quite fast wor. i really hope QQ will be the same too. she looks so traumatized, and i'm traumatized by her 'reaction' too. duuh....

iamdoryfish said...

gambateh sou sou and QQ!


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