02 January, 2010

New year

There goes our bold and beautiful 2009. Was it really a beautiful 2009? Partly yes, but then...no, not so beautiful also. Anyway, bumi mana yang tidak ditimpa hujan leh? So it's Ok, good or bad, we gotto live our best. In short, just jangan pandang belakang....instead, we move forward to the new year with new beginning. Coz I do have something to look forward to in year 2010.
I am looking forward to :
  • see Smellybutt goes to her pre school with school uniform soon.
  • see Smellybutt grows happily and more healthy, less picky!
  • move into our new house by Q2 2010.
  • see HubB doing well in his current job, and biz grow bigger and better!
  • have more fat on my skeleton size body.
  • have a big and bulging tummy....if you know what I mean :)

Last but not least, I shall pray for best of health for my family, especially my parents.

May the year of 2010 brings us more shines and glory!! May the year of Tiger brings us the greatest luck and health, so that we can "roar" all year long...and many more years!!

Yippy New Year to everyone!!

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