04 January, 2010

6oz milk @ pre school

I'm sooo happy with this new achievement. Smellybutt is able to finish 6oz of milk every morning at the pre school!! Tell you what, from birth until 1yr old, she only took 30z-4oz of my breast milk per session. Solid food also took a bit only. Then from around 18mth to 2yr old, she could finish 4.5oz-5oz of formula milk per session. But I see other 2yr old kids happily enjoying the tall milk bottle of 90z till the very last drop.

So now Smellybutt is championing the 6oz milk WITHOUT fuss at the pre school is really AMAZING. In the beginning, my mom would let her finishes her milk at home first before sending her to the pre school. But somehow the process gets slower and slower until my mom behtahan already. She packed her milk bottle and let her finish it at the pre school. The process becomes shorter and faster! Then Teacher Nel said why not next time just prepare the milk and bring it over to the school. She'll let her drinks it there, rather than chasing her around at home early in the morning. This is such a relieve for my mom. No more morning sweats jogging and running around with the milk bottle. From 5oz, my mom slowly increases it to 6oz and she could finish it all. Yay!

The above picture shows the BPA free bottle by Moms Little One. I used it to freeze my breast milk last time. When Smellybutt rejected milk bottle's nipple at the age of 4mth old, we have to spoon feed her with my precious breast milk. We ensure no single drop of wastage! Hahaha coz it was my blood-sweat hard work, expressing breast milk from office 3x a day. By the time she could manage a straw, this is how I re-invented the bottle by using the white cap.

p/s : Straw is from Ikea.

So where did I get the white color bottle cap which fits a straw? It is from this Pureen cup, as shown in the below picture. That white cap is very useful, as it prevents spillage when Smellybutt holds the bottle by herself. This Pureen cup can only holds up to 6oz of milk. So if I pour in 6oz of water into the cup, by the time I add on a few scoops of milk powder, the water level will reach to the pink cover. Full house!

So that is why I need to get new and bigger bottle. Found this pack of 2 BPA free Pureen milk bottle from Tesco Mutiara Damansara.

I like the color very much and the shape of the bottle provides better grip for small hands. Pink bottle holds up to 9oz, whereas the green bottle is for 7oz capacity. Just nice for Smellybutt :) Coz we intend to increase her milk intake to 6.5oz and then to 7oz slowly. Very tham sam hor. Hehehe. This can only be done while she's at the pre school. During the weekends, I tried to make 6oz of milk for her and true enough, she didn't finish her milk. The speed of drinking? It was the same old tortoise speed, only at home.

Ever since I introduced this green bottle to her, she will demand for this bottle each time I make milk for her. Hangat-hangat tahi ayam lah tu.....Anyway, no matter how hangat it is, I'm still very happy that she is able to take more milk now, compare to the older days. 6oz is so precious to me!!!


Chinneeq said...

oh...even Pureen has got BFA free bottles now? must go get them now.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

ya...and not too pricey also. but cannot get this type anywhere tau..coincidentally found it in Tesco je, other malls like Jusco/Carrefour pun tarak.


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