07 January, 2010

First masterpiece from pre school

Here's what the mini Pablo Picaso did at the pre school yesterday.

Yeah...mewarna! I asked my mom any idea what was the theme for this piece of art. She said "strokes, I guess". Hahahaha...yes...it is indeed full of kelam kabut strokes on the paper!

At the back of the paper also got "strokes" ke wor. Smellybutt even pointed to me and said "mama, got star here!!".

These "strokes" represent my nerve when I get overly tension with her =)

With these kelam kabut strokes, Teacher Nel gave her a star!!!

Looking at Teacher Nel's handwriting has brought me back to the good old days in Convent :) Miss my beloved ex-classmates lah....

1 comment:

kppang said...

:) i give A+ to QQ


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