28 January, 2010

Free Mamil Gold Step 3

Mamil Gold has approached to Teacher Nel's kindy to offer all students a 1 week free trial of milk starting from this Monday to Friday. On top of that, each student will get to bring back home a refill pack too! Wuaaa....good marketing scheme ya.

When Smellybutt has weaned off from breast feeding, this is the brand I used, and this is the only brand, I mean the taste of the formula milk which was accepted by her too. But later on, when she started to be so choosy on her food, I changed it to Pediasure, and also feed her Mamil Gold at least once a day. And then middle of last year, I changed again her formula milk to Sustagen Junior Chocholate flavor. So now, she's taking both Pediasure and Sustagen Junior.

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