29 January, 2010

I'm still a sweet 18 (internally)!!

I did a very simple test to measure my BMI and other 'things' which I always thought that I'm lack of. But the truth is.........

Everything seemed to be almost perfect =) EXCEPT my BMI and also my metabolism reading.

The reading has always been the same, since 10 years ago. UNDERWEIGHT. Nothing new or unusual for me.

Basal Metabolic Rate
It is the number of calories our body burns at rest to maintain normal body function. It is the amount of calories of your body burns per day, regardless of exercise. It changes with age, weight, height, diet, gender and exercise habits.

BMR per kg of Weight :
Men >24 <25.2
Women >21.4 <22.5

So according to my reading which was 1003 kcal, my BMR would be 1003/41kg = 24.46

High isn't? At the beginning before I did the test, the lady kept saying that I'm very thin and should put on some weight. Haaih....you think I don't want meh? I told her that 1 of the reason was due to my high metabolism. She said "naaahh....cannot be lah". When the machine showed the reading of 1003 kcal, she even commented that the reading was very low!! BUT, she forgotten that she has to divide the figure by my weight!! Hahahaha belum habis kira already gave me the conclusion huh. She was amazed with my muscle and body fat measurement. But nothing beat my biological body age record lah....it stated that my current body condition belongs to an 18yo girl!! *wink wink* Hehehehe....I always hope that when my lil gal has grown up later, we'll walk hand in hand at the mall and we both looks like sista! Okie...enough of day dreaming. Back to work +_+

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