29 January, 2010

Biscuit Biskut

These are Smellybutt's favourite snack, anywhere anytime. I always have to bring along 2 small container to store some of it, so that she can munch it while I shop. Must have 2 flavors ooo, coz half way enjoying her biscuits, she will definitely ask for the 2nd choice. If none, just get ready to listen to her default question "where is xxx biscuit?" non stop, just like a casette player yang sudah rosak - makan tape.

Ranking No. 1 - Leibniz butter biscuit
This is her so called animal biscuit.

  • Taste : good!
  • Sweetness : very good!! I mean not very sweet. Actually can hardly taste the sweetness on it. So thumbs up!
  • Texture : a bit crunchy, just nice for toddler.
  • Size : bite size, just nice for small hands.
  • Price : affordable. not more than RM6 (lupa the exact price!)
  • Where? : bought it from Jusco supermarket.

Ranking No. 2 - Heinz Little Kids Mini Corn Cakes
She calls it "yuen yuen beng", round round biscuit

  • Taste : very good! really got the smell of apple and banana too.
  • Sweetness : just nice for toddler. not too sweet also.
  • Texture : crunchy, and if holds it longer you'll feel a bit sticky on your fingers.
  • Size : round shape, just nice for small hand.
  • Price : manyak mahal oooo...RM8.90/pack
  • Where? : Jusco, Carrefour, Giant, Tesco pun ada.

Ranking No. 3 - ABC Choc flavour biscuit
She calls it ABC biscuit.

  • Taste : good!
  • Sweetness : way TOO SWEET for toddler. Not offering her anymore!
  • Texture : very crunchy.
  • Size : letters shape, just nice for small hands
  • Price : slightly more expensive then the animal biscuit.
  • Where? : Jusco supermarket.

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Health Freak Mommy said...

Babyland @ SS2 PJ has a very wide range of biscuits for toddlers. You can get the brand Morinaga from Japan too, they have a wide variety of biscuits.


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