05 January, 2010

Happy morning day

This morning was HubBy's first visit to Smellybutt's pre school. We all purposely left the house earlier so that we can reach there earlier and I cabut earlier too, worry of the bad traffic ma. But don't know why this morning the school was not opened by 7.25am Teacher Nel told me before that the school is open by 7.15am due to some parents who need to send their kids there earlier coz they need to rush to work to beat the traffic. While waiting outside the gate, I snapped these picture.

Picture of Smellybutt together with her favorite precious school bag. It was a free gift from Pet Pet diapers, which I've bought ages ago :P Today's dress was her choice. So matching with the orange bag :) See, the bag is almost bigger than her body!

This cute dress was a gift from Aunty Caine (her big gu jeh). She bought it for her when she was in UK last year. At that point of time, Smellybutt was just 6mth+. Until now she still fits into the tiny dress!!! ONLY now it gets a lil bit tighter and fitting on her.

Oh btw, yesterday there were lots of parents came to fetch their kids home at 12pm. When Smellybutt came out from the classroom, 1 lady saw her and quoted "aiyoh, this girl is so small lah. so small...how old is she ar?". My mom giggled and answered "2yr+ lor....".

She was so happy this morning. Must be wondering why did Baba and Mama tag along this morning. Hehe. But when we both left the place, she cried :( HubBy sent my mom back home, while I drove straight to the office.

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