27 January, 2010

Part time maid

Here's what my lil maid will do in the morning on the weekends. Can see her work station with so many tools and equipment, a.k.a masak masak? And that 2 bottles - blue and transparent mineral bottle must be filled with water all the time. Coz lil maid likes to pour water from 1 container to another. Thereafter, she'll take a piece of cotton, soak it into that green bowl and then she's off to work.

She'll clean the lucky car in the porch. So last week, it was my car lah. Lucky me then!

She'll go around the car a few times, to rub/clean the
"preferred" spots only.

She was happy to discover herself thru the reflection from my car.

Some touch up on the window

Then she went back into the house and tried to help Dun Dun too. She made 1 amazing statement to me when I asked her what were you doing down there? She said "Dun Dun old man. I help him to wipe dust" :0 Good girl! I did tell her before that Dun Dun and Popo are old people. So we have to take care of them, and QQ cannot always ask to be carried so frequently. Looks like she has digested my advice to her. Not bad =)

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