04 January, 2010

Say past urine please

Should have wrote about this much much earlier....

After attending the pre school on the 2nd week, Smellybutt who is already potty trained has learnt to say "teacher I want to pass urine" instead of "shue shue". So now even at home, she will still say "pass urine" whenever she wants to pee. But there were times where she still say "shue shue" to Dun Dun. Maybe Dun Dun keeps asking her want to "shue shue" or not, thus she also 'ter-follow' her Dun Dun. Hehe.

Each time after using the toilet, she will remind us to wash hand. See, that's the beauty of sending her to the pre school at this young age. At home, we GOT teach her the same, but somehow it never stay in her mind for long. But whatever the teacher has said to her, she seems to be able to remember it for a very long time, practice it and even reminding us too! Good Good!

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