05 January, 2010

Kisah si kucing and si burung

My back dated post....

This cat has been staying in my mom's car porch for quite some time already from early Dec 09, ever since my dad fed him once. That's the problem feeding stray cats or dogs. Sekali you feed them, they will be soooo loyal to you. Standby in front of your house gate everyday, same time. But since end of last month, this cat no longer appear at my mom's house.

Then 1 fine morning, my dad saw this cat sitting under my sister's car, with something near him. When get closer to the cat, only then to realize that this cat was holding on to a very colorful bird. I guess by the time my dad saw the bird, it was dead already.


There was just a little bit of blood stain on the bird (as seen on the last picture). Boy....look at the bird, soooo colorful!!! I don't know this bird belongs to which species. What a waste....if the bird was still alive, my dad would have taken good care of it. My dad used to have birds as his pet last time.


Mumzzy said...

if they see a bigger fish, they'd go for the bigger one...they are loyal to > FOOD haha

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

hahaha true...


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