22 January, 2010

She sings Nananaku

Lately she sings a lot, mostly full song with full lyric. Accurate or not lain cerita ok. At least she knew the music and tune.

After many attempts to record down this lil song bird's UNPLUGGED performance, last weekend was the night!! Previously tarak mood to bikin filem with me.

I ajak her to sing along with me our national anthem "Negaraku". To my surprise, she could sing it. Few months ago, before she started to go to the pre school, she could only sing the first line which sounded like this "Nananaku...tanah tum...daalaku...jeng jeng jeng!". Muahahaha actually it was me who included the last words "jeng jeng jeng" after each line of the lyric :P Just to make it more fun while teaching her to sing this song. So on that bright blue moon night, she sang in front of my camera, our national anthem - Nananaku. Hehe, that's her pronunciation. She did missed out some part so I did the back up for her. But there were a few lines where she could pronounced the Bahasa Melayu words pretty accurate lah. Amazing!! In fact, she will sing the national anthem at the pre school every Monday, if I'm not mistaken lah. So now she gets to practice it more often and can sing with many other children.

Hmm...come to think of it, she inherited my hobby too - singing! I love to sing at the Karaoke center since I was in secondary school right up to the time before I got pregnant. But when I was in my 2nd trimester, I joined my friends once and that was my last call lah. Now I prefer to have an "unplugged performance" with my lil Smellybutt. I can cover 1Malaysia song - Chinese/Mandarin, English, Malay, Tamil. FYI, I can't read or write Chinese words but I can sing Chinese/Mandarin songs without the subtitle. How?? My brain works great on selective thing. If I love the song very much, I can literally memorize the whole song within a week time just by listening to the same song repeatedly, twice a day. After that I can go live, unplug! Hey, even my Chinese educated friends also "shue bei ngor" kalah sama saya. Muahaha.

Most of my friends can't beat my voice even though they sang with a microphone =) Ha...not that I have a very sweet and nice voice. I'm referring to my volume, it's like an amplifier even when I don't use a microphone. LOL! I don't know why lah, but it just happen very naturally with my in-born speaker. Badan kecik tapi suara kuat. That is what my friends describe me, always. And I heard the same statement from the nurse who bathed my 2 days old Smellybutt in the hospital!!! Because hor, Smellybutt cried and screamed out loud when the nurse cleaned her up with warm water. It was indeed a very sharp scream from her. That is what we call "like mother like daughter" (",)

Let's sing together with my lil soprano here :)

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