20 January, 2010

I've tasted the slurpy yucky thingy

Since Monday, Smellybutt was on "medical leave" again, due to flu + greenish phlegm + slight fever. To cut short the story, I was the Powerpuff Mama to rescue her a bit from her blocking nose due the the thick and greenish phlegm which got stucked in her nose and throat. So what did Powerpuff Mama do? For the first time, I sucked out the phlegm right from her nose!! Mamamia!!! Ok lah, maybe this is not something new to other mommies, but certainly not me.

She has never had phlegm before this. 1 hand holding a small container with tissue paper, and the moment I sucked out the phlegm, I quickly spilled it out into the container. Initially, it was yucky for me lah, but after did it twice, kinda fun too :P Of course it wasn't fun for her lah, coz she can't breath properly :( She didn't know how to spill out the phlegm by herself, so no choice, I've gotto help her out. Want to know the taste of the fresh and warm phlegm? Sticky and salty. Hahahaha. I hope I didn't swallow any of it :P But anyhow, the amount that I collected from each of the suction was not much actually. After a few round doing it, she didn't want it anymore. Too bad.

From birth till she reached 1yr++, she has never been ill, except once where she caught mild fever courtesy of her mama. I have accidentally shared my spoon with her when I was down with flu. When she has started attending pre school, I noticed that her immune system has turned weaker lately. She has been mixing around with other children in the classroom, thus they tend to "share" the virus with each other. But I do believe that slowly her immune system will become stronger and stronger and she'll ROAR like a tiger soon!!!


t3ngt3ng said...

Ewwww....seriously u have to do that?? mama zhan wai dai *salute*

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

yaa i ewwww-ded initially but I HAVE TO wor. All mama are wai dai, for the sake of their child :) u wait till u become mama-san ok :P

-thethinker- said...

once u read my comment , im sure u will ask urself and start knocking ur head to the wall...

have u ever heard of straw .. yeah , the drinking straw . it have another function too :----- figure it out urself.. hehehehhehe

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

well, u under estimate my brain =) and over estimate ur's too haha. i've tot of using a straw too but it seems to be too dangerous, coz if she gets irritated with the straw in her nose and if she retaliates, then either or both of us get hurt! after that..i'll see blood instead of green phlegm :o


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