28 January, 2010

Mom's house becomes Pusat Biro Aduan

My parents always get to listen to the Indon maid's confession, who lives next door. Erm....It's bad to say that these complaints by the kakak are quite entertaining, but hor, sometimes those issues brought up to my parents are quite funny lah. We heard the most from an Indon maid last year, and this family has already moved out to another place since early Dec 2009. Thereafter, a new family has moved in, together with an Indon maid too. And recently she made her very first confession to my dad.

Confession of the Kakaksholic:
  • kakak wanted to have Milo drink, and asked for Madam's help to buy her a pack of it with her own money. Madam refused to help. ended up my dad, being her 'kaw sing', offered her our Milo refill pack (I bought extra on J-Card day) and kakak gave him RM15 small change (all COINS!). kakak said kalau tak cukup, saya bayar lagi kepada uncle =)
  • Madam refused to help kakak to buy a new pair of selipar, coz her selipar really koyak teruk already.
  • kakak had bad headache and was asking Madam's help to buy her some Panadol with her own money. but Madam refused to help to buy lah. then when kakak asked Sir, she was told "peti sejuk pun ada, kenapa nak beli??". Hahahaha funny lah. Satu cakap peti sejuk ada, satu lagi tak offer dan tak mau belikan. so kakak, you gigi-ku-gigi lah.
  • kakak having diarrhea and mild vomiting. Nobody else at home, so kakak get some unofficial paramedic assistance from my mom, who offered her some carbon pills (charcoal) and diarrhea pills (Imodium). haha. she was Ok after that.

1 more funny statement which kakak has 'leaked' out to my mom the other day. As usual, kakak was telling my mom how sad she was recently, working with her intolerant Madam. Kakak said that if Sir saw her being lectured by Madam, later Sir will console her a bit. Sir said "kakak, jangan simpan dalam hati ok. Madam punya otak sudah tak betul sikit. memang suka marah". LOL!!!! Kakak said that she likes to work with this family but due to the non stop nagging and scolding by Madam, she behtahan and has planned to go back to Indonesia once her contract has expired.

Sekian berita.


kp said...

very the bei ka liao la !!!

Anonymous said...

Good post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

Smelly Butt's Ama said...

thanks! wow, didn't expect a college student to drop by here too =) and wish u best of luck in your assignment ya.


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