25 January, 2010

Sekejap TQ, sekejap sorry

Sam (short form for samseng)
enhances my blood circulation effectively and efficiently!!

I always remind Smellybutt that if she did something wrong, she needs to apologize by saying sorry. And when she accepts something from another person, she needs to say thank you. All masuk kepala already and she knows exactly when to use it at the right time.

She melts my heart when :
  • I woke her up in the wee hour to feed her fever medicine. She will sit up straight immediately and finish the ubat in seconds. Before she hits back to the pillow again, she will say "thank you mama ar..". So touching ooo =)
  • she says thank you to me each time she asks for water in the middle of the night.
  • she says thank you to me after I put a piece of damp cloth on her forehead to help brings down her temperature.
BUT, besides these sweet heart melting incidents, she also boils my blood and drives me up to the moon (up to the wall is not the max height anymore :P). After each round of blood boiling drama, she will automatically apologize to me by saying "sorry mama" repeatedly until I acknowledge it. If I don't respond to her, she will either tells my mom or my sister that "mama angry QQ. QQ say sorry". Want to twist the situation and makes other people feel that I'm siew hei (kecil hati) izzit? Very panai ar. Few hours later, same drama unfolds and my BP shoots up for the n times, then the cycle starts all over again =_=

Lately Smellybutt has been very rebellious. At 1 time she'll be very nice to us and we all happily play together. Then all of the sudden, just within a blink of an eye, she throws tantrum without a reason. Rule of thumb, never ever say "NO" or "DON'T" to your child to stop them from repeating the same nerve breaking act. Aaa...Cakap saja senang, tapi buat susah. I find it very difficult to hold back not to use that 2 important terms lah. Sometimes ar, I feel like whacking her kao kao also. But nah...that won't help much, and may even make it worst too. Enough of scolding and nagging from me lah, so I decided to just sit back, take a deep deep breath and ignore her. Then slowly she'll transform back to normal and then will come to me seeking forgiveness, say "sorry mama" with her pathetic look. Duhhh....she's at the peak of terrible two stage now.

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