06 January, 2010

We are going for the premier movie 大日子woohoo!

大日子woohoo! is the first Chinese New Year movie made in Malaysia and it'll hit the cinemas by 14 January 2010. Best part is, I will be able to catch their premier launch on 11 January 2010, 8.30pm at e@Curve. We managed to get 4 free tickets for the premier movie, so this round I'm gonna bring along Smellybutt into the cinema for the 1st time!! I have been trying to brain wash her about this since last night. I told her that :
  • we cannot make noise in the cinema
  • we cannot ask for the lights on in the cinema
  • it will be a-mo-mo, means very dark inside
  • you can sleep, mama will carry you :) I will bring along your "nyonyo"
p/s : "nyonyo" is the term we use for her favorite selected baju which she will use to suck her fingers. She will place her fingers underneath the baju and suck her fingers till she fall asleep. When she starts to suck, she makes some funny noise which sounds like nyonyonyo. So that's how this name came about :) This 'weapon' is very useful whenever we want her to fall asleep quietly in the fastest speed!

HubB brought back home these 2 cute little tigers (soft toy). 1 for me, 1 for Smellybutt. According to him, there's a meaning behind this tiger. So, we have to watch the movie to find out the meaning of it.

Don't know why she was so cooperative with the camera man, can posed with the toys for a few rounds :)

Let's support our local Chinese movie production!!!


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