07 January, 2010

New masak masak

Dun Dun bought her these new masak masak toys for Smellybutt. Big pot small pot, big stove small stove, forks and spoons, cups and plates. Macam-macam ada.

That's the proud lil Iron Chef with her cooking tools lah.

Sometimes api kuat sangat...too glaring so Iron Chef gotto put on her stylish Lydia Sum's glasses. Yellow pulak tu!!

Ada gaya ooo....

See how she spreads her masak-masak tools on these 2 tables. Every night, without fail...we have to carry her 'work station' from the other end to the sofa.

When fengshui tak baik, she'll change her sitting position to the comfy sofa instead.

Normally we'll make our order of 1 cup of coffee for Popo, 1 cup of barley ice for mama. She even told us "very tasty u know" while preparing the drinks for us!! We do have lots of fun pretending to be her customer. One of the best quote from her when Popo ordered a cup of Latte.

Popo : QQ, I want a cup of Latte.
QQ : (stared at her blankly! In her heart she might be saying what the hell is Latte??)
Popo : Latte is like coffee also
QQ : (smiled)....(mumbled this softly) "Hei yao chi lei ar...want Lat teh".

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